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Each year the Interfaith Study Council holds its annual meeting. Most of the attendees stay at the conference hotel, and most of those take their breakfast each morning in the hotel restaurant. The conference attendees often report that they particularly enjoy this informal opportunity to "break bread" with each other.

One morning at the conference Rabbi Schwartz was sitting alone at a table enjoying a plate of eggs, toast, and a small fruit salad. Father Flannigan, after getting his plate of eggs, bacon, and toast, noticed Rabbi Schwartz sitting alone and decided to take the opportunity to get to know him, joining him at his table.

The two clergymen chatted while eating their breakfasts. At one point, as Father Flannigan was bringing a strip of bacon to his mouth, he stopped. "Oh, I'm sorry Rabbi; I hope you don't mind my eating bacon."

"Not at all, Father. Please. Enjoy." The rabbi replied, gesturing expansively.

So Father Flannigan proceeded to eat a couple of strips of bacon. "I'm curious Rabbi, and I hope you don't mind my asking, but have you ever tasted bacon?"

"Well Father, yes, I have. When I was young, my best friend was my next-door neighbor, Jimmy Smith. Jimmy and I often had ‘sleep-overs’ at each other's houses.  When I stayed at Jimmy's house his mother always made breakfast and often included bacon.  And yes, I did eat bacon at Jimmy's house."

"It's quite delicious, isn't it?" Father Flannigan remarked.

"Yes, it was quite delicious." Rabbi Schwartz replied.

After continuing to eat and chat for a while, Rabbi Schwartz asked father Flannigan, "Tell me father, since we're being so open and frank, have you ever had sex?"

"Well Rabbi, yes, since we're being so honest, I must confess that I have had sex.  In high school my sweetheart was Molly Malone, and she was as lovely as the day is long.  The night of our senior prom, in the back of my dad's car, well, we did it.  So yes, Rabbi, I have had sex," Father Flannigan confided.

Rabbi Schwartz leaned in conspiratorially, "It's better than bacon, isn't it?"
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