Morning sickness

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Well, it’s the next morning. 

As of the time I am writing this, there is a very real chance that tRump will defeat Biden. If Biden wins, it won’t be by a large margin. In the Senate, Lindsey Graham crushed Jamie Harrison (despite the huge amounts of money given to the Harrison campaign.) Mitch McConnell crushed Amy McGrath. The chances of the Democrats taking a majority, or even a tie, in the Senate, are slim to none. In the house, it looks like not only wont the democrats increase their lead, but they are probably going to lose seats overall. Finally, in gubernatorial races, it looks like Republicans will pick up one governorship.

What does this tell me? The message I take from all this is that Americans aren’t who I thought/hoped/wished we were. At least half of us are unethical, immoral, self-centered, superstitious, easily conned, easily mislead, venal idiots. At least half of the American electorate will ignore all manner of ill deeds from our leaders, as long as they give us, personally, something we want. All the flag waving and apple pie are nonsense – pageantry and propaganda. The majority of Americans don’t give a rat’s ass for the things that this country supposedly stands for, if they even know what those values and principles are.

“Oh, the Constitution this”, and “the Constitution that!” Nonsense. It is only “the economy stupid” - and not even that. It isn’t “the economy stupid”, the economy right now is in a shambles. It is how am I, personally, doing financially, how do I expect to be faring in the future, and what set of hooey has my favorite candidate sold me about what they promise to do for me. Me and only me.

Neither the Democrats, The Lincoln Project, nor I have the faintest idea what is really in the heart and soul of Americans. Somehow, consciously or unconsciously, dOnald tRump and his ilk understand what Americans really think and want and are able to tap into it. Racism, yes! Meaningless pageantry, yes! Jingoism, yes! Fundamentalist Christianity, yes! Crusades, pogroms, genocide, xenophobia, chauvinism, yes, yes, yes, yes!

So, that’s it for me. I’m done. Even if Biden wins the vote, and tRump doesn’t succeed in cheating him out of it, I am done. I won’t be donating to any charities anymore. The public less fortunate than I can go it alone. I won’t be supporting any candidates or ballot initiatives in the future. Whatever happens to tRump’s America, be it good or bad, I don’t care. They’ve made their bed. Fortunately, I am wealthy enough weather the storms – my life raft is safe and comfortable. I wish it had turned out differently. Oh well. What a shame. Sigh.
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