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This is a shameless plug for my other web sites. After all, my blog ought to be an opportunity to promote myself. This is also a blatant request (aka "beg") that you, dear reader, help me out by putting links to my sites and this blog ( on your web sites and blogs. Helping promote my sites through social bookmarking (delicious, digg, etc.) would be icing on the cake!

My primary web site is,, what we used to call my "homepage" in the good old days. Under that site is included my work in culinary history. In particular, I have written the definitive work (to date) on the history and origins of Jambalaya. Unfortunately, Google doesn't realize that my work is the final word on the subject so I show up halfway down the results if you search for "jambalaya history." If you'd like to link to, it would help my page ranking.

Though I haven't updated it for quite some time, my "commercial" site is, Though the text is getting somewhat long in the tooth, most visitors to the site look at the photos. I hope they find them valuable.

Hopefully this post will increase my page rankings. If you have a site or blog and feel comfortable mentioning or linking to my pages, I would be grateful.
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  1. Checked out your other two sites - I'll have to sign onto TripTalk and post some stuff from my upcoming South Africa / San Francisco trip.

    Linking culture and cuisine.... Interesting stuff! Kind of reminds me of the long, fascinating progression from Big Band Jazz to Rock Steady.


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