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Recently someone on Twitter started a thread of punny movie names, replacing words in the movie's titles with names of fish (search on Twitter for #fishyfilms.) Normally I don't pay much attention to such things, but for some reason this one grabbed a hold of my medulla and won't let go.

Here then is the ridiculous set of fishy movie titles that have been spilling out of my brain:

·         Of Mice and Minnows
·         Forest Guppy
·         Angelfish and Demons
·         The Crawfish from the Black Lagoon
·         The Da Vinci Cod
·         Agnes of Cod
·         Morays, Inc.
·         View to a Krill
·         Dr. Ono
·         Dolphin are Forever
·         The Fry who Loved Me
·         On Her Majesty's Secret Salmon
·         Goldfishfinger
·         Live and Let Fry
·         Goodbye, Mr. Fish and Chips
·         The Tartar Sauce Affair
·         The Beatles: Smelt!
·         The Barramundi of the Vanities
·         Farewell, My Lumpfish
·         The Fishes of Eastwick
·         A Clockwork Orange Roughy or A Cockle Orange
·         The Day of the Jackfish
·         Three Days of the Flounder
·         What’s New Octopussycat?
·         Death of A Salmon
·         Cool Hand Fluke
·         Big Gills Don’t Cry
·         Bill & Ted’s Excellent Abalone
·         Five Easy Perches
·         A Fistful of Sand-dollars
·         No Country for Old Minnows
·         All The Puffer’s Men or All the President’s Minnows
·         The Seventh Eel
·         Star Trek II: The Wrasse of Khan
·         All Quiet on the Western Grunt
·         The 5000 Fillets of Dr. T
·         The Hake Locker

Ones that I didn’t come up with, but were posted by others:

·         When Harry Met Trevally
·         When Harry Met Salmon
·         When Herring Met Sally
·         Guys and Dolphins
·         Trout of Africa
·         A Starfish is Born
·         Anemone Mine
·         Eat, Lamprey, Love
·         Dr. Roe
·         What’s Up Haddock?
·         Lord of the Herrings
·         Baitman
·         Eel Magnolias
·         The Karate Squid
·         Starship Groupers
·         Fish Me, Skate
·         Fiddler-crab on the Roof
·         The Cod Father
·         The Swordfish in the Stone
·         Silence of the Clams

  and on and on.

Now maybe I can get a good night’s sleep!
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