Matzah Brei

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It has come to my attention that Passover is just over a month away and apparently not everyone knows how to make matzah brei. Thats a shandeh un a charpeh (a shame and a disgrace.) Oy veh is mere, what is the world coming to? Well, since I am such a mensch and a chochem, I will enlighten you. You're welcome.

This is my mother's recipe. I assume that she got it from her mother, who got it from her mother, and so on and so on back through the ages. Or, it could have come from the side of a box of Matzah. Needless to say, this is the only way to make matzah brei - don't even think of making it some other way.

Of course, since you don't know how to make matzoh brei, you probably dont even know what it is. Do you? Oy. OK. Imagine a cross between a scrambled egg and French toast, except the toast is matzah. Got it. Believe me, it's a tam ganeydn ("taste of heaven.")

By the way, I know, I know, it's "matza," no, its "matzoh," no, in plural its "matzot," no its some other damn thing. Genug with the hock mier en chinik! (Enough with the banging on the kettle!) It's a transliteration, give me a break!

  • Matzoh - approx 2 pieces per adult size serving
  • Milk - sufficient to soak matzoh
  • Eggs - One egg per piece of matzoh (i.e. 2 eggs for 1 serving)
  • Butter (approx 2 Tbs)
  • Toppings


Soak the matzoh in milk for several minutes. Some like their matzoh completely soggy. I prefer mine still slightly crisp. Beat the eggs along with some of the milk from the soaking matzoh. Pour off the excess milk - if your matzoh is soggy, press out some of the milk and discard. 

Pour the egg/milk mixture over the matzoh. Mush it around a bit and allow the matzoh to absorb some of the egg.

Melt the butter in a pan over medium-high heat (imagine you are making scrambled eggs.) I like a non-stick pan.

Yes, my mother is having tsooris over the amount of butter.

After the butter has melted, foamed, and settled, pour in the matzoh and eggs.

Scramble, breaking up the pieces as much or as little as you like. I like my pieces to average about 2" square.

Voila! Wasn't that easy? Voo den? All this time you were so worried that you couldn't make matzoh brei.

Matzoh brei is usually served either with sour cream for a more savory dish, or topped with cinnamon and sugar and/or jam as I have done here. I like it equally well both ways - it is entirely how I feel at the moment.

Ess, ess! The food is getting cold!

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  1. I always remember the scene in Ruth Reichl's Tender at the Bone, when she starts making matzo brei by throwing three whole sticks of butter in the pan.

    Put me in the salt & pepper camp, none of this jelly or sour cream for me.

  2. So it shouldn't be a shandeh, I'll be making some soon - love the stuff!!
    Not just for Passover, but great anytime of the year - perfect for brunch!
    Have you ever added small bits of Lox to good!!

    How nice your mom had a recipe to share with you!

  3. Thanks RMJ - Funny thing about me and lox - I love lox, and I love smoked salmon, but I really don't care for cooked lox. Just a personal thing, I guess, since I know a lot of people love lox in an omelet. I guess if you do like lox omelets, lox matzah brie would be great.

    Hey Erica - just salt and pepper? Wow, hardcore. :-)

  4. Well, salt, pepper, and three sticks of butter... I guess that's pretty hardcore :-)

  5. A sheyneh dank. Next yime you should invite me to share your mychel. It would be a mitzvzh.



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