The Uncarved Block Adult Root Beer Float

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Why have I developed this wild craving for root beer floats? I've no idea. If you figure it out, please let me know.

Here then is the official Uncarved Block Adult Root Beer Float (tm)

1 bottle Virgil's Root Beer (or equivalent boutique root beer or homemade)
1 scoop homemade coconut sorbet (see below)
1 jigger Malibu coconut rum (or equivalent), more or less to taste
1 bendable straw.

Add Malibu and a few ounces of root beer to a tall glass and mix (mixing destroys the carbination in the soda, so we "sacrifice" a few ounces to help the mix.)
Place a scoup of coconut sorbet in the glass. Top with root beer. Note that with any root beer float, the root beer will foam up quite a lot, so add slowly, and as a precaution do this in the sink or on a towel.

Insert a bendable straw (this is vital!) Enjoy.


For my coconut sorbet I start with Ming's Perfectly Simple Coconut Sorbet from, but there are two things I don't like about this recipe. Most important I feel like there is much too much shredded coconut. I also find it too sweet. Nonetheless, it could hardly be easier. So, check that out and note my comments on that page.
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