Excellent garden tour

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Bomaria Spp. (unknown cultivar)
The garden tour was a great success. The Hillside Gardeners of Montclair sold over 350 tickets, which exceeded all prior tours. My garden looked great and everyone had a terrific time. Most of the flowers got the memo and agreed to bloom right on time. One, Sprekelia formossima clearly misunderstood, as it came into bloom literally just a few hours after the tour was over. The other 6 gardens (of 8  total) that I was able to see were excellent. Anyone that got to see all 8 gardens on the tour had an opportunity to see some really amazing plants and garden designs.

Sprekelia formossima
I am finally getting back to "my regularly scheduled life already in progress." Hopefully my backlog of blog ideas will come spilling forth. Thank you, dear reader, for your patience. I can get back to reading, writing, and cooking. I can also get back to harvesting from my garden. I was leaving things in place so that the visitors could see what was growing. Here is a photo of yesterday's harvest.

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