The Sarah Palin School of Public Speakin' Alumni Association Annual Meeting

By | Tuesday, June 14, 2011 2 comments
God Bless US! That is the Americans, and everyone that loves the Americas and the US. We are so proud to have another year of these great kids graduated, out there, tellin’ folks things the way that people want to hear them tellin’.

This year we’re havin’ the annual meeting again in place of the meeting we couldn’t have last year. Please come join US and the other folks that are comin’ and meet all the kids that have just. ‘Cause you know the kids are our future, and it is so important! We couldn’t be more proud to be Alumni of The Sarah Palin School of Public Speakin' and of being American in this country.

We know that you are all out there and talkin’ to folks and listenin’ to folks and talkin’ some more, which is so important to be doin’ and God bless America. We’re havin’ the annual meeting here in the heartland of America so we can listen to you and talk to the folks you’ve been listenin’ to and talk about how we’re all working together to fix this country and the terrible problems its been havin’ bein’ the greatest nation on the planet!

So please join us next Thursday at 9pm here at the Grand Ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria in New York so that we can talk with you and the great folks and you can meet all these special, special kids who are so important and proud and joining us as God bless America. We really want you all to come to the annual meeting here in the heartland of America where we’re so proud to be Americans. If there’s a gotcha and you cant make it the next annual meeting is next month in Orlando where we’re havin’ it and more of these great kids are graduatin’ and talkin’ and comin’ together at.

God bless The United States of America!
Phillip ("Jimmy") Ramsbuckler
Secretary, The Sarah Palin School of Public Speakin'

PS: Sarah says she'll be sending us a special tweet at the meeting!
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  1. Isn't the Waldorf in that place with all those liberal elite unAmerican lamestream media folks?

  2. Typical liberal elitist "gotcha" question.


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