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This past November I attended the Community Food Security Coalition Annual conference [note: this organization is now defunct.] On the final day of the conference, in the final couple of hours at the conference, I met a woman named Susan Youmans. It turns out that she has an online radio talk show called "What's for Dinner" on At some point during our conversation I told her that I was a culinary historian. She said "Wow! We've never interviewed a culinary historian before." Before I knew it, we were doing an impromptu half-hour interview.

I made a few mistakes during interview. I really wasn't planning on doing an interview and much of the first part of the conversation focused on how I got interested in culinary history. As a result I ended up talking about a lot of topics which I haven't thought about for several years. So, I had to do a lot of remembering on the fly. Still, I'd say I did a reasonably good job representing culinary history.

[Update: The interview was available on "What's for Dinner", but the early interviews of that show are now gone. Click below to hear a copy from SoundCloud.]

By the way, part way through I was desperately trying to remember the name of a Mexican recipe, and I referred to it as "Alegaria", but the word I was looking for was "Alegría."
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  1. Great interview! You're so calm under pressure! I had trouble seeing the links at first -- for anyone else, just move your mouse over the words "here is a link..." and "here is how..."


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