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You know how sometimes you need some slightly unusual ingredient for a recipe - let’s say almond flour. So you go out and buy some. But it turns out that you buy too much, or for some reason you end up not making the recipe, so you have left over almond flour. You don’t want to throw it away, so you vacuum seal it and put it in the freezer where it will last for a while.

From time to time you stumble across the almond flour in the freezer and think, "Wow, almond flour, I should do something with that." But eventually you see the almond flour sitting there and think "Wow, that's been in there for a long time. It can’t be good anymore." So, you throw it away (almond flour in the green waste bin, vacuum bag in the trash, natch.)

Some time later you read an interesting recipe and guess what - it calls for almond flour. You think, "Hey! I can finally use that almond flour in the freezer." So, you spend the whole morning searching for the almond flour. You know you have it because you saw it sooooo many times.

Finally you remember. Oh yeah. I threw it away.

Don’t you just hate that?

So you get dressed and go to the market and buy some almond flour. When you get home you begin making the dish, but it calls for more butter than you have in the fridge. No problem, you have another pound of butter in the freezer. You go to the freezer to get more butter, and, right there in front of you is... the almond flour.

Don’t you just hate that?
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  1. Come to think of it my 1/4 bag of almond flour must be at least five years... six?


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