Dropping out of the race is the best thing tRump could do for himself

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It has been suggested that dOnald tRump might be considering dropping out of the 2020 Presidental race. His prospects for winning re-election are looking poor, and his chances for delaying the election are even worse. So, strangely, dropping out of the race is probably the best thing DJT could do for himself.

There are a variety of reasons that this twisted narcissist wants to remain in office. But, from a purely practical standpoint, the only genuine purpose to remain President is to continue to live outside (above?) the law, and to protect himself, his children, and his "associates" (aka co-conspirators) from facing the music for their wrongdoings. If he loses the election, he and his cohorts will be in trouble. If he loses the election and faces a Democratic President and a Democratic Congress, he and his are screwed.

What is a possible solution? Find another Republican to take his place. Make a Nixon/Ford-esque deal with someone more likely to win, and then help them do so. tRump should attempt to find Upstanding Republican, Zachary P. Unobjectionable, drop out of the race, and tell his supporters to vote for the new guy. Needless to say, the tRump faithful will, giving this new candidate 40+% out of the gate. All of the Republicans that hate tRump sufficiently to vote for Biden, or stay at home, can feel comfortable voting for Zach. This will also help down-ballot Republicans, thereby decreasing the probability of a Democrat controlled Senate. Further, all of the people that don't like Biden, but hate tRump, can vote for Zach (or not bother to go to the polls during a pandemic.)

Then, if Zachary P. becomes President Unobjectionable, tRump (a) doesn't experience an ego crushing loss, (b) is seen as a king-maker, (c) get's to present it as his personal victory, and most importantly, (d) can rely on P.U. to pardon him and his kids, quash civil suits against him, etc., as well as name at least one more Supreme Court justice.

Should candidate Unobjectionable lose, tRump's claims of voter fraud will seem more plausible since he wont just be a "sore loser." tRump would certainly throw poor Zachary under the bus, claiming that "Zany Zach" or "Useless Unobjectionable" lost because he is "a loser", didn't run his campaign correctly, and failed to take tRump's advice. No fault of tRump's that this guy couldn't cut it. He's fired!

Further, even if the Honorable Mr. Unobjectionable loses, there will be a better chance of Republicans holding the Senate, thereby blocking Federal actions against the tRumps, blocking the Democratic house from undoing tRump's prior evil, and generally gumming up the works for at least 2 more years... providing the fearless leader plenty of time to relocate to Morocco, Moldova, Serbia or some other nation with pretty girls and no extradition treaty.

Just to be clear, I don't actually believe The Narcissist In Chief will take this route. He believes he will win, and will no doubt go to his grave claiming that he did win. But, if he were the least bit wise, this would be his plan-B.
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