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Why would Louis DeJoy choose to be Postmaster General? If offered, why would he accept the position?

Prior to becoming Postmaster General, he was president of one company, and before that CEO of another. Along the way he made a boatload of money (not a billionaire, but plenty of money for this lifetime and next.) So, why Postmaster General? Apparently he is the first in the history of the USPS to have had no prior experience at the post office, so it wasn’t like he was working his way up through the ranks and finally made it to the top job.

The Postmaster General earns just under $300K. That's a healthy salary for most people, but, if you are already a multi-millionaire, is that really an enticement? And we don’t know how much he was pulling down from his previous position - $300K could be a salary cut.

Now I don’t want to disparage the post office, nor the office of Postmaster General, but really, I don’t think it is a glamour position. I can’t name a single Postmaster General since Ben Franklin. Can you? Prior to this scandal, DeJoy could have walked up to my door to sell me a magazine subscription, and I wouldn’t have had the faintest idea who he was.

While I don’t have personal knowledge on this, I've gotta believe that being P.G. does not let you jump the line at a swanky new restaurant, nor get you invited to exclusive D.C. parties (though being a major RNC donor might.) Nor is Postmaster General known as a stepping stone towards a seat in Congress. Perhaps it is a route to Ambassadorship, but tRump has shown no reluctance to sell those outright to the least qualified donors.

So, why would DeJoy want to be P.G., or accept the job when offered? Was he an avid stamp collector as a child, always dreaming of someday running the post office? Or was it, as Occam's razor would suggest, some kind of arrangement with tRump to crush the postal service in exchange for huge gains in his FedEx and UPS stock holdings?

I have to believe that if we truly knew DeJoy’s motivation for leading the USPS, we would know more about why he is tearing it apart.

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