Surprise! No voter fraud.

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Now that the election is over, and the tRump campaign is filing (and losing) all the lawsuits they can think of, it is becoming vividly clear that there is virtually no voter fraud in America, and certainly no systemic fraud. Even having tRump tell his followers to commit the fraud of voting twice does not appear to have created fraud.


This outcome continues to be a surprise to the tRumpists (if they believe this "fake news" at all) - which should come as no surprise. But, curiously, the Democrats also seem to be at least a bit nonplussed by the total lack of voter fraud. This is simple human psychology; hearing something repeated over and over again for years, even if you know it is untrue, and even if it came from the mouth of Herr Drumph, can subconsciously take hold. Watching newscasters, biased or unbiased, it looks like even they are more than a little taken aback that there was really was no election fraud.

In reality, despite intense scrutiny, no fraud has been found. None. Why? Because there never has been widespread fraud in American elections! Study after study has shown this to be true. This year's process has simply shone a bright light on this truth.

My hope is that, maybe, just maybe, there will be an added bonus from the 2020 elections. Perhaps the glaring truth of the lack of voter fraud can be used as a tool to fight voter suppression laws. However, it is possible that Republican governors, legislatures, et. als., will point to 2020 to claim that their voter suppression, dressed up as election security, worked in stopping fraud, and is necessary to secure future elections. If so, I pray that they will not be believed.

Let us all hope that the forces fighting for voter rights can use this to their favor. We shall see.
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