The landslide we can’t live without

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Doug Mills/The New York Times

Last Thursday, the New York Times posted an op-ed by Frank Bruni entitled, How Will I Ever Look at America the Same Way Again? In it, Bruni wonders how much the tRump presidency has done to his view of America. 

I remember in the weeks leading up to the 2016 election, thinking, saying, and writing that it was critical that Hillary win by a landslide so that the world would see that tRump was not who we are. And the polls suggested that she would win handily.

But then, as the election got closer, the gap closed. I became more and more worried that it wouldn’t be the landslide required to show our better nature. Clinton would still win, but it wouldn’t send the kind of message that we needed - that tRump was deplorable and we knew it. It never occurred to me in a million years that Clinton might lose. My only worry was how close it might be, and what message that would send... and then she lost.

I am not putting any money on this election. As with Bruni, my faith that Americans will "do the right thing" is gone.

Tomorrow we (begin to) find out whether America is a festering pustule on the ass of the planet, or a decrepit but repentant drunkard, after a 4-year bender, checking itself into a rehab clinic.

We shall see.
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