The Republican Anti-tRump Message

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Among the many extraordinary things about this election cycle was the existence of groups like The Liberty Project, Republicans Against Trump, and so on. 

Now that election day is past, I can’t help wondering about the impact of these groups. Were their advertisements vital, without which tRump would have won handily? Or perhaps they had no impact at all? Maybe their message appealed tremendously to never-trumpers (like me), but either wasn’t seen by their target audience, didn’t strike a chord with them, or didn’t motivate them to change their mind, go to the polls, etc. Or, as is most likely, their effectiveness was somewhere in between.

Considering just The Lincoln Project, I loved their ads and found them funny, poignant and right on the mark. But I am not their target audience – they didn’t need to convince me. Perhaps they got the message right, but failed to target their ad placement to be seen by Republicans, undecideds, non-voters, etc. Or maybe the ads were shown to their targets, but those people didn’t like the ads. Maybe their audience found them entertaining, but didn't take the message.

I also wonder if they made a mistake by hitting tRump on so many points. A new ad every day, pointing out yet another of tRump’s failings (or those of McConnell, Graham, etc.) Maybe they would have been more successful choosing just a few of tRump’s worst offences and hammering on those relentlessly.

I wonder if we will ever know what role the anti-tRump Republicans played in this election.
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